Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You might have a crush on your TA if

  • you are not only willing to, but love listening to him go on and on about Plato, Socrates and Nietzsche
  • you look forward to Fridays not for the weekend but for his class
  • you cant stop smiling through the whole class, where its so bad you have to will yourself to think depressing or sad thoughts so he thinks youre okay
  • you overlook the fact that hes a philosophy major...
  • you cant get over the fact that he somehow in someway resembles Vinnie
  • you totally dont mind when he takes like 2 weeks to grade your paper...
  • you find yourself subconsciously wearing indie clothes or accessories bc you think he's into indie/artsy girls
  • you find yourself looking for him in the lecture class
  • you smile when he smiles
  • you think that he really meant to put "you *are perfect, keep it up"
  • this 500 days of summer scene describes how happy you are after his class

Guess all the signs point to it. I mean hes not someone i would typically like but the way he gets passionate about a topic that i have no care in the world about is adorable. Hes SO smart, well traveled, knows about world issues, funny and more importantly hes objective. I've known really smart guys but they were condescending and rude but hes just as smart and hes not like that at all. Everytime he looks at me and i start to smile he gets this big smile on his face and he hold eye contact with me for a long time. Sometimes i feel like i'm the only one paying attention but its probably bc our class has 3 girls and like 17 guys who arent attracted to ourTA...
Too bad he is my TA, this kind of thing isnt allowed..

xoxo Cait xoxo

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