Monday, February 13, 2012

BE MINE. & maybe i'll be yours.

Most people wouldnt typically say Valentines day is their favorite holiday...but dont worry neither would. But i do LOVE it. Its up there for sure.This is how my ideal Valentines day would go if things were up to me:
Cupcakes are my favorite thing ever, even more than cake.
Cheesecake, Reeses, chocolate covered strawberries, he really couldnt go wrong...
this movie :)
maybe some pretty gerber daisies like above
someday i want a card like this! a homemade one would be cuter though
and to top it off!...just kidding, although i need these. If he gave me a puppy i'd have to marry him but valentines day would be a cliche anniversary... but we will just save this fun stuff for next year, cause this year the girls have something fun planned! Ill let you know how it goes and hopefully get some pictures too.
Valentines day is sometimes referred to as "single awareness day" or other depressing titles but i disagree. Granted people should love eachother all the time but i like that theres a day to remind people. Last year i had to work on it and i didnt think the couples were so cute anymore...when i had to deal with a continuous line out the door, because Valentines day is the busiest day of the year for restaraunts. So if you work there you can complain a little. I found so many cute and creative ideas. I remember one year in specific mom helped us stamp out the cutest valentines for our class that took FOREVER but they were so cute. Heres some cute ideas i found through google, pinterest, etc. I wish i had someone to be creative for, so i hope you do:

Oh and dont forget the treats!!
 Happy Valentines Day!
love CAIT

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