Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What really went down...

So i'm a little late but i still wanted to post about my valentines day! Previously i posted how i wanted it to go down... but it didnt ended up that way, it was better. Now even though i dont have a boyfriend, husband, fiancee, (insert other important guy), etc I still had a great time. I'm not the bitter type or sad type like a lot of people are, i'm the lets throw a party for all the single ladies type! And thats just what i did. Oh and i'm also this kinda girl too...

We ended up having about 10 girls. We watched Valentines Day and we baked. We had so much junk in the house by the end of the night. Partially because all the cupcakes we had using my babycakes maker that mom gave me! Oh and i love it mom. We had Annalisas pink cinnamon rolls, and 2 dozen cupcakes from La Jolla that Chase contributed to our girls night. It was way fun and no one was sad or lonely on Valentines Day! Not that they would have been...but it was a great excuse to have everyone over!

Oh and mines pink too!
And i got the cutest valentine from shey and rhys
Oh and i learned:
- if you're awesome enough, instead of a dozen roses you'll get a dozen cupcakes, which trumps roses any day of the week
- you eat more junk than you would on halloween which is a vicious cycle because then you get fat enough that you will never har a valentine
i love them & this.
i still love valentines day!
X0X0 Cait X0X0

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