Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love good weeks.

Sunday night started this week great.
I got 9 nice notes, which is a record. It was so sweet & made my night.
Monday was neverending and i was on campus til about 7! The good thing about this was i could have been home at 6 if the flawless boy in my math class who i've wanted to talk to me for the past month did. He sat right next to me in the math lab and we talked for like an hour. It all started when he said "hey youre in jenni wilcox math class with me right? oh you know i am, lets be honest. Do you know how to do this problem? Of course i helped him (although i'm prob not best for that job...) and we went from there. We had a ton in common and hes way cool. In wording it nicely the boy isnt the brightest crayon in the box so thank goodness hes perfect. But hey whose really that good at math anyway? Oh and he sat right next to me in class the next day and we talked. Although he kept yelling out all the wrong answers and i couldnt help but try hard not to laugh.

I finally got back my geology test and i got an 86%. Hey not an A but for as long as the test was i'll take it.
Ignore the fact that i cant follow directions please.
I got to bake a ton. Laura and i baked oreo cookies on Tuesday night and they were bomb. We also got two no voice hours, so bonus there. Then on Wednesday I made brownies but put white chocolate chips all over the top and they were so good, and by so good i mean i'm so glad we invited people over to eat them or i would have. Honestly i would try them, they are way better than just the average brownies.

This movie comes out next week and i am DYING!!
i definitely would not be complaining if two beautiful guys were competing for my attention
I also got to go to taco tuesday, see in time (which is amazing btw), go to volleyball, have girl time with shey, larisa and chase ha...Well the week flew by and tomorrows FRIDAY.
I have so many fun plans for the weekend!
xoxo cait xoxo

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