Monday, February 6, 2012

Mixed Signals say yeah

I dont like it when people arent upfront. Or play games...unless its me...i would like to tell you about a boy. A boy that isnt normally my type lookswise although hes goodlooking but personality wise he for sure is. Whether or not he likes me is unknown. He is a very flirtatious person so its hard to tell. Maybe he treats all his friends like this and thinks its okay? Maybe he knows that i like it when boys dont completely pursue me. I dont like him but there is for sure interest, it would kind of help if i knew what he was thinking so maybe you can tell me with the following evidence:
I met him last semester. I remember meeting him and where it was and when he told me his name i thought it was hilarious. Long story short, an old room mate of mine used to date him so i already knew all about him. I didnt say anything though. So basically we figured it out and became friends but the real story starts last sunday. He was just put on the same committee as me actually, hes sorta in charge...but anyway i couldnt make it so i get a text from him saying "i miss you and your beautiful face." After an hour of pondering why he sent that i profoundly texted back with a ...? <--- cool i know. Oh and btw he already thinks its okay that we share these texts so i dont feel bad throwing them out here :) I texted back saying that i missed his mediocre face and then he responded with "haha jerk face! :p Whats it like to be beautiful? To be perfect??" I told him it was quite wonderful and maybe someday he'll get to experience it. Some other witty text messages were exchanged and that was that. That night i got an annoynmous nice note saying this:
i wonder who its from...
Later on in the week i texted him telling him i had something he might like at my apartment and he said "how about i come over right now and find out :)" and i said i may or may not be on a date and he said "i should have known you were on a date" and i said something about him underestimating me and he said he definitely didnt. The last flirty text was when i told him someone else had to be here when he came over and he said "what? It cant be just me and you??" and i said no because i couldnt go sending the wrong signals here now can i? and mr charming replied with "oh the wrong signals are sent already..too late." I politely told him that it wasnt my fault because i wasnt into blondes from the beginning and he said "haha! yeah...i'm dying it..." WHAT IS THIS. Okay if that isnt enough evidence for you to help me figure out whats going on heres Sunday he sat on the opposite side of the chapel and he slowly made his way over to my side...well lets be honest, to me. After i excitedly said hi to my amazing bishop who just had surgery i hear a voice behind me. Mr Charming is sitting right behind me with his arms up on the back of our bench. "So uh i was wondering if you'd be my date for the Valentines dance on Saturday?" I gave what i imagine to be a skeptical or confused look but dont worry he quickly took it back and said "i actually meant my work date, like we work the same hours together..." I tell him hes messed up and turn around. (We are both on the committee and have to help run and clean up the dance) He apologizes and tries to fix it with some lame excuse. Then we leave relief society a little early to set up for break the fast and who do you think i run into first but Mr. Charming...of course. I cant get away from him, hes tapping my one shoulder and acting like it wasnt him like were in 7th grade and accusing me of burning the rice and other little things. He finally comes and sits down at my table after were all eating where hes attempting to charm anything and anyone around him and then he starts doing imitations of me and how the scenario after sacrament really went down. Hes pretty quick on his feet and really funny. I tell him you shouldnt just randomly call people beautiful unless you really mean it and he goes why do you think i dont mean it, i call all of my friends beautiful. I then told him that was weird and i didnt think he was serious and he goes "Look at Caitlin, i'm being serious." At the end he pops down the Valentines day dance flier and goes "If you have a change of heart Caitlin, no pun intended" and Shey laughs super hard and i just smile. I go to put my chair away and some guy in the ward helped me and he comes up and goes "i was just coming to help you with that.." Then he asks if he can give me a guy and i attempt at a weak side hug in which he doesnt accept and turns it into a big one. He then sets me straight because a huge table almost runs me over. He acts like he saved my life which was pretty amusing. As i go to leave i quitely say to Shey "dang he smells good." Well he did...
I think hes just fun to flirt with...cause i want to be just friends.
xoxo CAIT xoxo 

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