Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Monday

Not much to say today except one. I really seem to like pink and never noticed and two. i love glitter and bling and have always noticed. I got this skirt on SALE as I do with pretty much everything I own and I love it. These heels are a Black Friday steal and I have a funny story. So I wore these church one time when I was visiting my home ward and a conversation like this occurred.

Woman:"those are some shoes!"
Me: "I got these for only $11!" said proudly
Her response: "I can see why"

Well, this is a perfect example of how everyone has different tastes. I took no offense to it and laughed because I like what I like and I guess sometimes I like overly blinged out things. But on a positive note I wore this outfit this past summer when I was home and my nieces followed me around all day telling me how beautiful I was and how much they loved my outfit because I looked like a princess....and as long as I please some little babes then thats all that matters, right? But if I might add Kate Spade has a beautiful new line of glitter heels out and they are just perfect.
Kate Spade Glitter Heels

Here's some Monday Coupons for ya:
25% off at J.Crew Factory use: EXTRA25 (for this blouse! or whatever)
20% at Abercrombie using code 10288
25% off New Arrivals at Ruche using code NEW25
Extra 30% SALE items at J.Crew using code SHOPSALE
Oh and DOZENS of items at Modcloth 40% off...I'm talking pages & pages.
well, have fun & Happy Monday!

It's all in the details...
Skirt: Lulus similar Sheinside Charlotte Russe Lulus Windsorstore
Blouse: J Crew Factory
Necklace: Ebay (just type in j crew flower lattice necklace)
Belt: Sexy Modest save similar splurge
Bag: Forever21 (not online but probably still in stores, its recent)
Glitter Heels: Black Friday Find- around $11! 

Love, Cait

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