Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boring but necessary

In the past few weeks we threw a crepe party which was fun! and lotsa people came

my roomies and i had a red robin date. did i mention i LOVE red robin? :)

my FHE group went bowling! Actually my apartment planned it and it was way fun.

We had a soccer game on thursday and i scored the winning goal! I was playing defense and someone passed the ball back and i kicked it and it sailed right over the goalies fingertips and right under the bar. It was pretty beautiful. In some terrible news however though we had our first playoff game this morning and we ended up having to forfeit because we needed 5 players and only had 4. Did i mention it was single elimination and now our seasons over when we could have won the whole thing? yeah cool. I also got to get up at 8 just to find out we had to forfeit. In all fairness though half of our team is in Colorado because they are on the BYU Rugby team and couldnt make it to the game. Better luck next season right?

I dont know why the date on this picture says 2007...its definitely 2011 but okay. Isnt our team pretty attractive? I kinda have a crush on someone, take a guess!

I also got off work on Thursday so i could go see my friend Anthonys play Hairspray. I love plays and musicals and things of that nature so it was amazing and we had the best seats in the whole place. It was legit. The place was packed and the show was sooo good. I love Hairspray. The music was amazing, the dancing and the cast all made the show great. I recommend everyone go see it before it ends!

Next week we have the Festival of colors and a really fun ward activity, so expect to be filled in!

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