Saturday, March 12, 2011

Youre 45? Ummm no thanks.

So in 2011 I joined a gym :) Go me! Well actually i joined like 2 months ago but i have like no time to blog so ill catch you up. I decided to be all grown up and get a membership all by myself. Let me just say signing up for a gym is very stressful. Initially i went for a free weeks membership and i was bullied into getting a membership, luckily it turned into one of the best decisions. After the unusually pretty tall (no doubt a ploy to make normal girls insecure and feel the need to join a gym) girl talked me into getting a membership this very short and overly built guy walks up and asks if i wanted a free training session. Umm yes please. Four days later i walk into the gym and he gives me the training session and it goes well. A week goes by and I'm sitting on the bicycle when the trainer walks up to me. Ahem, heres how it goes.

"So you have a boyfriend?"
" hahaha um no, i mean theres lotsa boys but no.."
"well i wanna take you out"
THOUGHTS? fall off the bike. faint. call my mom. get my brother to beat him up. tell him im a pathological liar and i actually have a boyfriend...i just forgot...scream and run away. call 911...ok wait thats extreme.

But i can seriously tell you my heart stopped beating for a split second there because a lie could not get out of my mouth fast enough. So i stalled. Im pretty sure i gave the deer in headlights look too.

"well actually i'm 19..."
"i know"
" youre 45"
"i know, but youre exactly what i want looks wise and personality wise. Youre one of the sweetest girls"
(creepy, but at least hes up front? unlike boys my age)
I pause. i have nothing to say
"when i see something i want i just go for it"
(I am not a pair of shoes you can just have buddy...)
Creeper then proceeds to pull out his phone as if my panic striken face means please keep going, i;m not extrememly uncomfortable...
"Look let me just get your number i wanna take care of you and ill send you sweet texts"
woahhh RED FLAG. pretty sure you just described a sugar daddy. You wanna "take care of me"
First off: offensive.
Second off: maybe if you came up to my elbows...okay just kidding you arent thatttt short.
I let him down easy and say umm " let me think about it"
I think he gets the message because he says see how sweet you are, even letting me down easy"

After he walks away i wish i could quit the gym. Now i have to see this crazy man every single day. I then call my parents and proceed to tell them this story, sparing no details.

Update: He no longer works at the gym and it is a safe place again. Thank goodness!

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