Saturday, March 12, 2011

hey remember when i liked you even though you hit me in the face with a soccer ball? cool huh

I dont think boys should ask girls to a movie on a first date...
if a boy asked me i would definitely say no

"hey caitlin you wanna see a movie tomorrow night?"

Everyone falls out of their seats laughing.
Probably because they all know i want to say yes but im so stubborn i wont

Real Funny.

Everyone says he looks at me different than any other girl but true story- the movie hes just not that into you? SO accurate. Friends will tell you anything to make you feel better although i mean he did look at me kinda special ;) but still.

Later on: "Yeah I'm way athletic"
He then throws a soccer ball to me...
i'm sorry to me? I meant at me. ball hits me in the face...
my face hurts.
kinda badly actually.

His face turns bright red and he feels terrible!
he apologizes profusely and when he thinks the humiliation has worn off he proceeds to tell me that my super athletics hands should have caught the ball.

I then get tired of boy and act weird around him because my room mate tells him to ask me on a date.
Awkwardness and I am forced to avoid the boy.
He does do a very funny impression of me me avoiding him, you should ask him to see it sometime
it definitely makes me laugh :)

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