Monday, March 28, 2011

hi, stop touching me on my amazing weekend.

This weekend was amazing but full of unwanted touching, pushing and throwing.
Not to mention crowds and crowds of people and lovely mosh pits.
Good thing i'm not claustraphobic or anything because this weekend really wasnt ideal for those people.

On Friday Annalisa, Trevor, Trevin, Isaiah, Enowah and I went up to Salt Lake for a party.
It was the biggest silly string party, so big in fact that its going in the Guiness Book of World Records.
Awesome huh.

They gave away money, free food and had an awesome DJ all night long.
Great music, great friends and great fun.


I was practically in a mosh pit for the first few hours. It was all safe fun until the DJ would yell throw your hands in the air and jump. I actually yelled no, although im sure my pityful little screams were barely heard.
I put my arms around me trying to create a safe zone but being 5'4 and having everyone around me at least a head taller, this did little to no good. Actually my arms hurt really bad  now.

A couple times boys just ran into me and i would straight up push them and when they turned around i shrugged my shoulders as if i had no idea who pushed them. whoops.

Then came the dangerous part when $$$ was shot out of these cannons and everyone would scramble to get them. At the end of the night i got $15 or so bucks. sweetness. However i hit an all time low when i was knocked over and instead of worrying that i was gonna end up on the news as the girl who got trampled at some party, the only thought running through my head was you need to get that dollar bill before someone else. However the boys were very nice for this split second and helped me up, thank you. Actually boys at this party were prob nice than most other parties because they would apologize for bumping into you when they were actually paying attention to their surroundings, which was not often.

On the way home we swung by Annalisas to pick up her two sisters Cassidy and Mckenna.
In the morning we got up and made a huge french toast breakfast for all the boys before the Festival of Colors and it was so yummy :)

At around 10 we headed to Spanish Fork to go to the Festival of Colors, an Indian Festival that celebrates God and happens once a year. On the way we stopped and bought white shirts. Once we got there it was crazy, almost everyone was in light/white colors and as we were walking up people would just throw chalk on you. Umm we havent even taken a before picture yet, can you please stop? And if you do insist on throwing colors in my face could you at least pick a good color like yellow or pink that compliments my hair? Please be a little bit more considerate next time. But people dont really listen. We bought some chalk and took tons of pictures. I even ran into my cousin jeff and several people from the ward.

The weather was a little cold but way nice and there was pretty sweet music playing. It was pretty amusing because the hill was muddy and people were sliding everywhere. We went right down to the center of it all and when they counted down and threw chalk you could barely breathe but it was such a cool thing to see! I'm so glad i got to experience it because for $3 i had a whole day of fun. I recommend everyone go once.

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