Saturday, March 19, 2011

If the gym is my boyfriend where are my benefits...

It seems to me that boyfriends are time consuming. People spend ALL their time with that significant other. Eventually youll see one alone and youll have to do a double take and ask where the other one is, almost like conjoined twins that you dont expect to see seperate, its weird. Lately ALL my time has been consumed by the gym, therefore he is my boyfriend. This past week whenever i could fit it in, I would do two a days. One day I got a text from my room mate Annalisa asking if the gym and i were dating. ;) and i said it sure seems like it...although i am getting very little benefits from this whole arrangement. Wheres my hand holding? Wheres my cuddling? Wheres the fun? Now i love going to the gym, but i definitely wouldnt say its fun. Some things need to change here mister. Why do i go all the time then you ask? I'm addicted...i guess its good that i'm addicted to the gym instead of drugs though, lets look at the positives here ok.

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