Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random thoughts...

i think spandex should be the new girls best friend. Thank you to the creator of spandex for making an invention where girls look hotter. I live in spandex...sorry for those who hate them and think they shouldnt be worn as pants but i disagree. I wear them all the time. Also girls, boys seem to like them...just saying.

when youre sick you waste so much toothpaste...mainly throwing up. Gross i know but when i was sick last sunday i seriously went through far too much toothpaste and im annoyed...

how come when you walk by the body shop everything smells SO good, like amazingly good but when you walk in everything by its self doesnt smell that great? false advertising say yeahh

i bet boys hate forever 21.
"just a sec hon..."
shes so lying. theres no way you could spend just a second in that store, its huge. I saw a lady dragging her hubby around and he looked absolutely miserable. I wish boys liked shopping because then you could have a  guy to walk around with you and tell you what looks good or not.

who knew tin foil didnt go in the microwave? definitely not me since i almost burnt down the apartment...

I feel like boys dont date down but girls always date down. Girls can overlook the appearance if a guy has an amazing personality but a guy really cant which is why you see hot girls with not so hot guys and hot guys with...well hot girls. hmmm

i would like to publically thank the gym for making me hotter because i have been asked on lotsa dates, had a carful of creeper guys follow me and today someone yelled out their car window hey hot girl! oh wait maybe its the spandex again...nevermind.
just had some things on my mind & wanted to share them :)

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