Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm a beast

Last night we spontaneously hiked the Y and it was so amazing.

11PM: Annalisa and Enowah ask if I wanna hike the Y. I say no.
11:05PM: Millie asks if i wanna hike the Y. I say no.
11:07PM: I stand up and say fine, ill hike the Y

Trevin Enowah Millie Annalisa and I hike the Y.

We pile into Trevins big truck and head up the mountain, the whole while i go on about how its dangerous that we dont have flashlights and did they know mountain lions live up there? I was sure we were gonna get eaten.

The hike wasnt rough at all. Trevin and I would race eachother up until the next landing and then wait for the others to join. The weather was perfect and the view of all of provo was beautiful. Trevin took a huge bag that weighed 45 lbs or so and carried it the whole way. (hes training for some job he wants)

I tell Trevin we should switch bags. We do.
I tell Trevin its a piece of cake. I lie.
Trevin says I'm a beast but really I'm just stubborn and competitive.

Vera Bradley suits you well Trevin.

Then Enowah would love to go running off the trail and through the bushes so it sounded like a mountain lion and i would freak out and then trevin would have to tell him to stop because i would say GUYS! stop listen whats that? then you would hear enowahs lovely laugh.

                              After coming out of the bushes after he scared me he got stuck and i was secretly pleased :)

After some hardcore bonding, lotsa picture taking and some throwing up of my macaroni on trevins part we get to the top. Trevin and I took off running and got to the top with just us. For 10 to 15 minutes it was just him and I. I was surprised at how bumpy and steep the Y actually was. Trevin climbed on with no problem and i freaked out and took forever to get on. As i freaked out and told Trevin i was prob gonna fall and die he told me where to put my hands and feet and patiently waited as i closed my eyes and told me it was gonna be okay and even gave up his spot because it was more comfortable and safer. Then we sat and talked and took in the view and i loved it!

Enowah asked if we were making out as they joined us. But we werent
Although I did ask him partially because it was romantic and he was so nice to me with the mountain lions and falling thing. Only jokingly of course since he threw up and all....

proof that we made it!

the amazing view

I dont think ill ever look at the Y the same again. I cant wait to hike it again and im glad i got to do it now with such awesome friends!

this post struggles a bit but oh well

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