Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Campus Cuties

As promised i finally have the boy post, i know its your favorite:
The casual hello- I figure i'm gonna either meet my future husband on the bus or at the gym since i feel as though i am never anywhere else... I met you on the bus. In all honesty i didnt think much at first but you are pretty cute once i got to talking to you. We met on that freezing day at the bus stop, the day my parents got into town. I was informed you went on your mission to Switzerland-awesome, and we got along pretty well. Now i see you every week about and we say hello and usually chat and then walk home together because weird, we both live at the same place... Last night i saw you on the bus and asked if you were following me and you said "yeah girl, i'm following you." It was so funny, i thoroughly enjoy your voice. But what the heck ask me for my flippin number. It is not okay to keep flirting with me and then go our seperate ways. You know you want my number boy. I mean i'd give it to you too, which never happens. When boys ask me for my number at the bus stop [yes it happens] i either a. inform them i have a boyfriend, run and jump on the first bus that comes my way or b. feel bad and give them my number and then ignore them bc i realized what was i thinking giving him my REAL number...both of which have happened

The green eyed stud-Your eyes are killer. I love chatting with you, we get along pretty well although you are slightly awkward. Your darting but beautiful eyes make me nervous. You're crazy built and pretty tall but education doesnt seem that important to you and its pretty darn important to me. I liked talking to you about the Lucky One though! Since it has a lot of military references you seemed to enjoy it and i like listening to you talking about something youre passionate about. You pretend not to like babies or kids which is weird...who doesnt like those things? I know you really do though. I wish things were just a lot easier though. We text here and there but you dont exactly live right around the corner. I'm pretty dumb for turning you down when you asked me out...more than once and now you dont ask me out anymore. Lesson learned right? Probably not...

The Freshman-this is a definite NO however i just wanna write about you. The first thing that came out of my mouth to you was are you a freshman? Smiling ever so slightly as you panickly asked "how could you tell?" i reassuringly said oh just a guess. You are gorgeous. You sat in front of me and sometimes by me in History for the first part of the semester until you turned into a slacker and now you reside in the back. You take terrible notes, oh my goodness haha. You try to write everything instead of just the important things. I pushed my notes to the side when i saw you craning your neck to read them. You also came right up to me and sat by me when we were waiting for class to start and we talked about the test and you were pretty nervous. I got an A by the way, whatd you get? Oh and you dress FANTASTIC. i am so in love with your style. I love the hats-the baseball caps and fitteds, sometimes backwards and the watch and the Nikes and the layers and button ups. Who dresses you? Ultimate dream boy style right there. You have perfect teeth and dark hair. Whats the problem? Oh you have to go on a mission because you are a baby... I asked you of course and you said yes. It was cute. Hey chances of me being married when you get home are slim because i never say yes to dates [see guy above] and i have my whole life planned out for the next two years and i'm gonna be traveling a lot. Look me up ;)

The RM-Well not really specific since half of you are but oh well. We met in institute [sucha promising relationship...]and you walked in and came over and asked "is someone sitting here?" I said no and you sat down and then you made some joke about it and i played off you saying "yeah anyone but you." I was acutely aware of you sitting next to me all class. When the teacher asked who had a spiritual thought to share your hand went right up when no one elses did. I remember being impressed and praying you were an RM, please be an rm, please be an rm and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is "While i was on my mission in California..."Oh my goodness a prayer was answered today. You were so smart and so nice and we chatted and you thanked me for letting you sit by me. Really, it was my pleasure...But you ended up dropping the class and now i see you every Friday at devotional. Each Friday i try and concoct a plan to sit next to you, casually strike up a conversation to see if you remembered me but i still havent gotten up the nerve to yet and the semester is almost over...haha but in my defense i've had to miss the past few devotionals! I'll get there...
Mr Perfect-I compare everyone to you. Hate you for it. You are so easy to talk to. You know that guy that you just connect with, you can talk to him forever about anything and its SO EASY, well dont let him go if you can. The good thing is now i know how things should feel and how they should be, but bad thing? What if i dont freaking find another you? Then we are gonna have some problems because I do not settle. You dont sing on key, although I cant tell if you are really trying, you make me smile even when I am mad and i want to call you every single day just to hear your voice. I try to think of bad things about you because its not normal for someone to be so amazing. I found one: i never know your motives. We all know why i say and do things 90% of the times, I am pretty easy to read but you however are impossible. Quotes from books and movies and songs make me think of you like this one "He smiled, and when their eyes met, it was one of those few times in her life that she felt at a complete loss for words." A memory may or may not come to mind...thanks for setting the standard that every guy has to live up to, sucks for them. sucks for me

The math nerd- You sit directly in front of me in my least favorite class ever. Math. Which is probably why i wasnt aware of your beauty for the first 4 weeks of class because i was too busy falling asleep...Positive note-you're LDS and went on a mission to Australia. Nay would approve. However SPEAK. You are not mute, you are a human being, please talk. If i was smart i would ask you to tutor me because you get 98% on every single test. You are so smart and it is so attractive. However i finished that last problem first in the class and it was right and i tried to help you and tell you yours was wrong and you didnt seem to appreciate it. Well actually i wouldnt know because you didnt say anything...which is rude. You have the cutest smile ever and when i hear you mumble things you are surprisingly funny. Whats that, a joke?! Sorry i couldnt hear you because your voice was inaudible to the human ear...Sadly this will never work out since you dont speak and i speak fluently...but for now i will enjoy looking at your muscles and your face since you kinda resemble this guy
...and we all like this guy
i calculated 7 when i originally thought of this post and now i have 6, i guess the 7th guy wasnt that important...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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