Friday, November 25, 2011

Good habits

"because i have been given much i to must give."
Last week i had the opportunity to go the temple with my roomie Hayley! it was such a GREAT experience, we are going every wednesday after school. My YW leaders would be so proud. Shannon Mickel said i must have had good ones growing up and its true, i did! Oh anyway, we thought we missed the bus when we got out but it was late and we sprinted like crazy to get to the stop before the bus did and we were blessed bc God made the bus late ;)
hey look i'm even in the picture!
then i went to a service project at the retirement home and met the cutest old people ever.
my favorite was a little old man who had gotten his wheelchair stuck. "miss can you help me?"
i jumped at it and then let go but i could tell it was very difficult for him to push his wheelchair so i offered to push him all the way to his room. As we got to his room my heart started to hurt so bad.
His room unlike many had nothing on the walls, no artwork from grandchildren or any bit of color,
it was solid white and very depressing. He profusely thanked me as if i had made his entire week.
He was so grateful for me simply pushing him to his room. As i walked out of the room i started to cry.
Well cool, how was i ever going to get through the night if i cried because i felt terrible for everyone.
Dont worry, i did. After the old lady told me i had "a really nice set of teeth" haha i cried.
How selfish of me to come smiling and show off my teeth when she prob doesnt have her real ones? i cried.
After the lady asked me over and over w here i was from because she kept forgetting, i cried.
Unstableness at its finest.

Let me just add to my list of things that make me cry:
homeless people
retirement homes
animal shelters
when i first moved out here, families hahaha....the list just keeps on growing...
Well let me rephrase this, i teared up i wasnt straight up balling but i was super grateful for the opportunity to do something for others. I watched jeopardy, helped with a puzzle and socialized with many. It was an amazing night that made me truly grateful for everything i have.  i am so proud of myself for the good habits that i am getting myself into.
Try and make some good habits for yourself,
it really makes you feel good!

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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