Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Even when its hard...

Try & give thanks
Oh my goodness, today was one of those days and by days i mean months...where I just wanted to complain about absolutely anything and everything...thank goodness i was able to refrain...
I dont know whats up with all that lately but this is the perfect month to reflect on everything God has given me since Thanksgiving is around the corner:
This picture humbles me beyond belief.
An idea brought up in YW one time was to create an "i'm thankful for" journal so you never forget the things you are blessed with. Just a little one that you keep with you that you can pull out to add to or read if you need to put things into perspective again. It helps you to see little things as blessings also and keeps you happy! After realizing how blessed i am i always want to help others and i found this amazing "Blessing Bag," that i WILL be doing with the family when i go home in a month. Its amazing and such a BRILLIANT idea. I dont really see many homeless people in my college town, but in MD i would and i remember i would always get upset and cry because i felt so bad and one time daddy bought the guy a hot meal and i thought it was so nice. The holidays are a great time to get together with family or friends and do service for those in need. It will keep things in perspective and help remember what matters most during this time of year.
For the full scoop click here:
i am thankful first and foremost for my family,
for my friends, for my faith
for holidays and for the ever so blessed life a lead.
and a lot more, but in being brief thats all for now

Dont forget to ponder about what your thankful for this month!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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