Friday, November 25, 2011

Whose thankful?

Another Thanksgiving away from home, without mom's cooking but i still have so much to be thankful for and hopefully not much more of these holidays apart left.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, i'm grateful for
mom & dad
who i talk to every day, who support all my decisions, & take care of me from so far away. If im running short on money they dont even hesitate on putting money in my account even if i tell them not to. My mom likes to send me care packages or tell me to treat myself to certain jackets because its Saint Patricks Day haha a real important holiday for spoiling myself obviously or agreeing that i do need these super amazing boots i found at the mall. I have to call her and try to justify it and she always agrees with me even thoguh i know she really doesnt. When i listened to my voicemail yesterday i realized half of my saved messages were from dad, no joke there was prob 10 of them. he even called to wish me a great first day of school. My boss said to me the other day, "so it sounds like you are very close with your family..." oh you got that from my neverending talk about them did you?
my siblings
Who even though two worked, managed to get in touch with me yesterday besides nay who said "ok mom told me you didnt want us to talk to you cuz you were sad. Im the only one who respected your wishes obviously." HA 100% true. i love them dearly and i dont know many people who talk to their siblings as much as i do even with the 7 to 8 year difference with meghan and shane. I have always felt so close to them, we have such good memories, all of us.
my friends
kaley and corinne are always coming down to see me from SOJO and i just love it. i went up there the other day to go shopping with Kaley but usually they always come down. They are always so much fun. Corinne and i went to the gym and kicked my abs butt, oh my! They are still sore, two whole days later..i have been visiting a lot of friends lately and playing and its been so nice. I like being busy being social, its a lot better than being busy working.
my doggies
i consider dogs family. they make a family. sometimes i feel as though i love dogs more than people.
I miss them so much and life is not the same without them.
my room mates
living with girls is definitely not the easiest thing i've ever had to do. You think i'd be used to it growing up with two sisters but family and friends or strangers are so unbelievably different. However i have learned so much about myself from them. They are such great examples for me and i am so blessed to have them as my room mates. With all the challenges i've been facing this semester-losing a job, a best friend, an awesome boss who i adored, and feeling homesick they are always there. Leaving me sweet notes on the mirror, cards under my door, making me food!, offering rides if necessary, insiting on room mate prayer, and supporting my love for baking my being my guinea pigs no matter how full they are. i have never been so grateful. Ever since i moved out here i have had great room mates but this semester i am so lucky. i love you guys!
My niece and nephew
I am so unbelievably obssessed. Today i even thought this little asian boy looked like CJ which means i am either going crazy or really missing him that much that everyone is starting to look like him. I hope i dont get to many nieces and nephew to be honest, like 6 or 7 because i just wanna spoil the heck outta them. All my siblings will be great parents but they all better stay together so i can visit all the time. I have been there for all of their big moments in their little life and hope i always will be. They have brought so much love and happiness to our family. Sometimes i find myself missing them the most but only because they are just so precious and innocent. They are still learning and growing and its easy to lose patience with their little messes and mistakes but i know they are helping us all to be better. I have loved them from the moment i was told meg was preggers, love you CJ and CASS. Always have, always will.
i'm surprised i'm not obese. I say this all the time but man do i love to eat. I also love to work out so thats probably the reason im not but i love food. This thanksgiving i didnt get pumpkin pie or stuffing or even turkey. SO SAD right? Mommas gonna do a mock Thanksgiving when i get home and a pot roast too because i am missing her cooking right now and whats thanksgiving without amazing fun?

I really am thankful for so much more, but these are the main ones right about now.
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with the ones you love and stuffed yourself silly.


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