Friday, November 25, 2011

The I post idea

 i want, i will strive for, i will eat, i will create, i will remember, i will wear it, i love it, i need it, i will travel
A new post idea to tell readers what i am lovin on. Let me know if you like it!
This next month i'll strive for this.
i'll make this. so simple, yet i love it. its an empty wipes/cleaner container decorated to hold plastic bags.
This would be so useful in our cramped little apartment, we have those things everywhere...
I want. Weird caitlin fact? I will only run in Nikes, i wont even look at anything else. These are borderline need if you saw the condition of my old running shoes...
i'll remember this. Not that i worry now but someday i will. This is so true though, my future hubby is gonna be pretty amazing bc he'll have so much time to prepare :)
I LOVE. my guest room will look like this some day. I love to decorate. When i go home in a few weeks ill do a post showing how cute my room at home is that i painted and decorated with the help of my dad. It is amazing and bright and happy.
 I will eat. Oreos? love em. Cheesecake? Obsessed. Oreos AND cheesecake? There are no words.
Get the recipe here: The girl who ate everything -love the blog name too!
I will travel. I have wanted to go here SO BAD. This is in the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Falls. I need to see all the midwestern spots while im out here. So hard to get there though because they apparently only let a certain amount of people a year but this is my goal.
I need. I dont think you understand. When i saw this, i searched the whole internet.This is almost a $2000 kitchenaid. How often do you find a blinged out, not to mention pink kitchenaid? Now ill just have to settle for a regular pink one, but i havent seen a pretty hot pink or yellow yet so ill hold out but i would go to town with one of these.
I will wear it. Well its no surprise since i love off the shoulder things and picture #2, i LOVE these glasses, i used to have a smaller pair until Enowah lost them haha but i asked for a pair for Christmas! picture #3 someone help me find these...
Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! I'm spending the rest of my night after a long 9 hour shift of retail on Black Friday blogging and i love it. I hope you like this idea because i wanna try and do it every Friday!

xoxo Cait xoxo

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