Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to the good life

I really love my job because:
1. i smell good all the time
2. i now have THE softest hands ever bc i reapply lotion 10x a day
3.i get a 45% discount in the store
4. i did my first makeup consultation yesterday and i did amazing! It was like when i was younger because i gave makeovers to everyone. She looked so pretty and they bought everything. I wish i coulda posted a picture but i think it would have been a little awkward to ask for a picture of her for my blog..
5. i drown my self in this fun shimmer that has an even more fun pump to squirt it
6. my boss and coworkers are hilarious
7. today i met a couple in the store who met when she was studying abroad in Europe & i was inspired! I hope if all works out i get a hot souvenir too...did i mention he was scottish & had a hot accent?
8. we play great music, mainly fun christmas music
9. the store puts me in the mood for christmas with all the decorations
10. i LOVE using the register

Some other successes are: i finished all my hw for the rest of the semester in history, papers, quizzes etc. 
i baked my awesome "sweet dreams" inspired cupcakes this week 
 i worked almost 35 hours this week
xoxo Cait xoxo

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