Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whats New?

This week I:
GOT A JOB!! :)
and i'm really hoping this other one i applied to works out,
it looks positive but you never know, i'll blog about both of them soon
just signed up for classes and next semester
i am taking 17 credits! wow surprisingly i'm excited, but ask me in a few months...
I also realized i cant just major in one thing...
As of now its Deaf Studies with an emphasis in interpreting however,
i want to write, take pictures, travel or an editor would be cool...
Who knows of a career that incorporates all of these? hit me up.

 Over the next year I have worked out everything i want to do and the travel opportunities i am going to be taking which involves volunteering abroad [i already found the amazing program thats pretty cheap to do it through] studying abroad and working in Hawaii?! I planned the dates for all of the above. Things are falling into place. Who has time to get married when you have so many fun things planned out to do? Oh, everyone else in Provo...
Oh and dont think i forgot about the gym, we've hung out
every day! Such a productive week. I'll explain all this in detail later...I just realized how vague this post is but
"it turns *boys on that i'm mysterious"

Name that quote
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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