Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just gotta get away

This past weekend i was just dying for a getaway so i headed to the Mickels, my home away from home. We had sucha good time baking, playing and eating. Joel drove me down on Friday night and poor Joel, i talked his ear off! Saturday we:
woke up-Mrs Shannon & i baked
Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies!
then we ran into town and all the girls went to this cute little boutique. i loved everything but ended up grabbing some big pearl earrings for $1.06! WHAT A STEAL! We then went to the grocery store and they insisted on getting me some groceries, stopped by this amazing snowcone place, and various other places.

We ended the night with watching Water for Elephants!
It was so good, i cant wait to read the book. Did i mention Robby Pattz is such a stud in it?
Sunday, we all got up and went to church.
I love the old beautiful building they meet in.
Then we came home and i took a nap, i LOVE naps
and this was absolutely necessary since i wasnt used to getting up so early.

Then we went to game night at grandma & grandpas.
They are seriously the cutest people ever. I adore both of them and like to pretend they are just another set of grandparents for me. I got to see Caden, play scattergories, and eat tons of food. There were cookies, brownies, cupcakes, tonsss. Everyone each brings something. It was way fun and before i left grandma and grandpa told me "you know katie we have spare rooms here too if you ever wanna stay here."
So sweet! We ended out the night pouring over yearbooks and picking out girls for Mugs. Every girl i pointed out he would simply say "shes crazy." Mrs shannon then made us strawberry bananna smoothies that were so good! She never stops baking or cooking. Oh i forgot, she also made divinity! This marshmellow type candy and it was so good. I liked to help.
My favorite things about staying with the Mickels:
1.everyone calls me katie, which is what family or people really close to me call me. They introduce me to everyone as it and i love it 2.we always have the absolute best food ever. My meals consisted of steak, potatoes, and ranch rolls, pot roast, chicken chimichangas and so on 3.Heather listened to christmas music and made us fall asleep to Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation every night. I love being around them, they are like siblings to me. I adore Mugs and how he wanted my opinions on girls. Hes so sweet and Heather insisted on watching a scary movie and then made me sleep in her huge bed with her. The next night Heather goes" where are you sleeping tonight?" Me: "Where do you want me to sleep?" H:"In my room..." hahaha shes so cute!4.Mrs shannon let me drive everywhere. I didnt even ask she just remembered my mom saying how much i loved it so she let me drive 5.I have great conversations with Dan, hes so smart and so giving. They take such good care of me 6. and finally i get to play feed and help with baby Tanner!
Finally I woke up Monday morning and headed back to Provo but not before Mrs Shannon made some amazing Hootenanny (German) Pancakes!

Hope your weekend was as relaxing and fun as mine
xoxo Cait xoxo

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