Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lately im lovin on

the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling.
i love turning off the lights to go to bed and looking up to see the stars. They make me so happy. :) i thought it would be funny to write in glow in the dark paint i see you. for the next room mates who live here but then i figured that wouldnt be nice...

groupon & living social.
  JOIN. i love me some deals

love your style. loveee your new [to me] website. love you.

Went there the other night with friends and yum-so fun to do it yourself! who doesnt love a place with cheesecake flavored yogurt?

FASHION w/ a dash of artsy. [not a new love]

umm hi, i would wear any of the above! Summer digs = bandeau tops, banded skirts and see through mesh tops.

Makeup, hair, workout tips, clothing, etc. check it out

Something borrowed.

Saw it for the third time, this time last night at the dollar theatre. Also loved the free popcorn the boy in front of us kept sharing. The soundtracks way good too...

The "New" Mike.
Still lovin on the old one obv. however the new one isnt doing so bad. The other night he told Corinne and i if we sold 16 bacon wraps we'd get Little Caesers coupons and who doesnt love a good challenge. Now i'm $10 richer in Little Caesers coupons. He also is starting to be a little nicer? His sarcasm isnt seeming quite so harsh lately...
Money makin shifts.

Last Thursday night i made $91 because i had some awesome tables and didnt get stiffed once. The next morning i made $100. For summer weekday shifts this is pretty awesome.

 Cake decorating and creative cakes.

I would love to go to a cake decorating class. I love baking in general and a creative cake decorating class would be fun although it kinda runs in the family so i dont know if its necessary but it sounds fun! Meghan and Mom both make and decorate all the birthday cakes so i assume ill eventually join in the tradition when i have kids so i can be cool too ;)

Trips to Cocoa bean

Theres something about cupcakes that just makes me happy. The other day i got a snickerdoodle one, who needs diets anyway...

the fan in my room, bc i need the noise to go to sleep.
blogs. reading them, and having time to do mine :)
my hot roomies bc hot roomies = hot boys around. love youus
Carrie Underwood. enough said.
cowgirl boots. i want real ones

what are you lovin on lately?

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