Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's goin on a mission leavin you wishin

that you had a man someone to hold your hand.
so teachers, what. deacons, what.
ok ill stop now
I feel like i associate this song with Girls Camp.
We sang this tons, but back then the word missionary didnt mean as much to me as it does now.
I have wanted to do a post on missionarys for a long time, i have so many thoughts/feelings on them.
Let me start off by saying...
I love missionarys, i love absolutely everything about them. Who doesnt love a spiritual and unattainable(at the time) guy who wears a shirt and tie basically 24/7? I'll be honest i have had my fair share of crushing on missionarys. But really lets focus on what theyre doing here. It has always been a priority for me to marry a return missionary, not because of the title. I want someone who loved the people they served, who grew spiritually and someone who will be a worthy priesthood holder in my home. I am so thankful to missionarys for all they have done in my life. Most people know my dad is a convert. Without those missionarys converting my dad i wouldnt be where i am today. My dad said a lot of the missionarys were too pushy with him, they kind of pushed him away actually so they stopped being allowed to really talk to my dad. Then one day my dad met Elder Mickel. He and my dad clicked right away about fishing, the outdoors and everything. My dad calls him his other brother. After befriending him and not bringing up the church my dad said he was ready to take the lessons. Dan (Elder Mickel) through tears,told me that he was sent to that mission to meet my dad and bring the gospel to him specifically. My dad took the lessons and then got baptized. Cool thing about this story is they are still friends to this day. I actually stayed with their family over Thanksgiving.

To sum it up i feel like i have the most respect for these boys. Giving up two years of their life to God and going somewhere that in most cases they have never been. To me, they are selfless. I cant say enough how grateful I am to them, to me it hits home. Without these guys going out and serving, people like my dad and our family might not be where we are today. When talking about missionarys and how its not really a choice to serve, its a priesthood duty i get very passionate and into it but for a very good reason. Its affected my life and i know there are other kids out there that need the Gospel in their families. And its definitely not something i have ruled out for myself either. I know the importance of spreading the Gospel.
At the moment i am writing 10-12 missionarys. Some come home as some leave, its been a neverending cycle for a while now and ive gotten used to the whole goodbye thing. I used to pride myself on being the best freakin missionary writer but i am embarrassed to say i havent been doing the best job lately. Although I started back up today and i will be great at it again. I love that they are serving and feel the least i can do is write them. At the moment by best guy friend is in San Diego. The scary thing is you dont know whats gonna happen when they come home. Will he still be my best friend? Can i still really call him that when i dont get to bug him with most of my stories/problems because i dont want to distract him? Will he come home and get married right away? Will things go back to the way they were? Do i want them too? Can i call him my missionary if hes my best friend because honestly sometimes i do...? I have different questions like these about all my boys and how things are gonna go down when they all get home. You all are so amazing and what youre doing means so much to me. i hope everyone thinks twice about serving a mission or just being a missionary in their everyday lives. You boys [and girls] are great!

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  1. ahh, I love it! I really really like the pictures though. You are awesome, keep it up!