Sunday, June 19, 2011


Winnie is a genius.

I have been trying to think of a name for my "bakery" for a long time now. Well im not actually planning on opening up a bakery but in case i do now, i am so set. Last night Heather, Winnie and I had a girls night- stocked with the ever necessary junk food and movie(s). I had Winnie taste one of the cupcakes i made and she loved it. I then proceeded to tell her that i thought up the recipe in a dream one night. She told me i should call my bakery sweet dreams and i was so impressed. It's a strawberry shortcake inspired cupcake and everyone seems to love them! I'm trying to think of a name for the cupcakes themselves as well! I have made the recipe twice and i keep tweeking it every time i make it. I also dreamed of a peanut butter type one as well that i cant wait to bake! I would like to thank the diet that had been starving me at the time for allowing me to dream of food that whole night, my mind for being a pretty sweet place along with mike for being mike, because im pretty sure he inspired the idea. I took them to work and he ate four and sarah who had...only 1 ;). Then Mike asked me if i would think about making them for his last week and i did. So great, i think i'm gonna be a pretty awesome wife since im learning to cook and bake :) Next time i make them ill take a picture and post it!

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