Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i came to dance dance dance dance

 I miss intense stretching to great music. I miss that feeling when youre about to hit the stage in front of tons of people. I miss dancing with some of my best friends. I miss slipping around in socks when i forgot my jazz shoes. I miss across the floors. I miss frequently hearing ballet terms. I miss showing off. I miss being able to do routines to songs i heard. I miss being so flexible. I miss performing. I  miss costumes. I miss dancing.
the lines
the flexibility 
Dance inspires me, Dance makes me happy, Dance keeps me in shape.

the strength
the beauty & the talent
Dance has been on my mind a lot since i went home in May and one of my best friends Lauren invited me to her dance recital. Its the first time in almost 2 years since I've been back to watch my old company perform because i knew it was something i missed in my life. Now dont get me wrong i absolutely love watching people dance-dance movies and even professional companies inspire and amaze me. I saw Philadanco with a couple friends a long time ago and loved it but this hit close to home. Ive been dancing since i was little and then in highschool it was an every day thing so i miss it.

I just need some dancing in my life-classes, clubs, concerts whatever.
i gotta make it happen

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