Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ceeegee weegee


Happy belated birthday (by a day) to my now 3 year old little nephew! You will never know how sad i was not to be with you on your birthday. I loved talking to you on the phone and hearing about your toys and optimus prime cake. I even heard you say of course for the first time and it was the cutest thing. I cant wait to see you in a month in Florida! I'm sure youre gonna look so big. Being there for every big and little moment in your life so far has been great. I remember waiting at the hospital for hours. Kylie and I made 100s of string bracelets. Then when we were told we could come in and see you I got so excited. I was the first person besides your mom and dad and Grandma and Pappaw to hold you. I took the responsibility of being an aunt super serious and even though you werent mine, holding you in my arms i knew i was going to be the absolute best aunt ever. It was such a great feeling and i was instantly obsessed with you and still have been. I permanently followed you around with a camera, you were the prettiest baby i had ever seen.

I remember you took your first steps to me and i started screaming, seriously i was screaming. It freaked you out and you started crying. Whoops. It was the most exciting thing ever. Youre definitely your pappaws grandson and you take a lot after aunt nay nay too but with me you learned the real important things, such as how to apply your makeup:

                                                       and how to walk in high heels:

I also taught you how to use the telephone and say call me later!:

how to drive! prob not the best person for that job...

how to rock a hat and look cool

i also taught you how to say ooh ooh ah ah like a monkey and i made you say it over and over.
Such useful life skills....

I remember watching you when your mommy was in the hospital having baby cass and it was the worst and best experience. I realized you wake up every single hour on the hour and you were so difficult but so cute also. I love that our favorite activity together is eating icecream or anything actually...whenever i had food you would sit in front of me and beg, and we know im not too good with sharing but i always gave into you. When i first moved away and you cried it made me so sad. And waking up to voicemails from you always made me sad but i saved every one of them.

All i can say is im thankful terrible twos are gone :) And you have always been my first and favoritest little nephew ever. i absolutely love you!

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