Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Famish Market

Lets just say I'm a little bit of a weirdo because i love Amish people. You dont see many out in Utah but a lot of them live on the East Coast, relatively close to Maryland. When i went home i was dying to go to the Amish Market. I had seen a couple documentaries on them and saw a special on Dateline and became fascinated. One Morning last month, my mom, dad and i got up early on a Saturday to go to the Amish Market. I was seriously so excited. However, i was in for a rude awakening.

The so called Amish werent really Amish...or at least they didnt follow any rules. The Amish girls were wearing crocs first off. Crocs?? Really. They were handling money, using electricity and breaking so many rules. I felt like the little boy in Elf who points to santa and whispers fake. A weird thing for me to be devastated over, but i was. I cant even explain how fascinated i am. I want to sit down and do an interview with one some day or live with them for a week to get the true experience. Then theres my dad whose making it worse and joking about the whole thing. "oh no caitie, they're wearing crocs! Lets leave right now" I wandered through the market pointing out things that werent right and werent allowed, all the while my dads laughing and my moms making excuses for them like we're all old friends and i should cut them some slack. I even refused to eat in the restaurant because real Amish people werent going to be serving us. I cant even tell you how funny the situation was looking back now, my parents were shaking their heads and laughing at me. To me, it was a depressing day. I guess i will have to go find a true Amish boy elsewhere and convert him to Mormonism...

hahaha this made me laugh

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