Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reasons i am happy include:

1. i get to lay out by the pool every single day
which leads me to number 2...
2. I am starting to get pretty darn tan

this picture doesnt really do justice
3. Coundown to Florida/ seeing my family again = 6 weeks :)

4. i have tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter! cant wait

5. I found yet another reason to love Katy Perry-this video 

6. I am going to my first ever Rodeo on Friday! The Lehi Roundup :)
where i hope to meet a cowboy
pref. one that looks like him
7. Heather found some new music and then showed me, i love new music. Heres a sample :)
8.i am working my favorite shift at the sizz tomorrow with my favorite person!

9. i am currently watching the Office as i do this post, doesnt get much better than that
...because i kinda love jim

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