Sunday, June 19, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like summer...


As most people know i dont do well with change at all. I get used to how things are and close to people so when people leave and you have to get used to knew things its pretty difficult. However, the change in my life lately has been really good. My best friend and previous room mate Heather just moved back in after doing an internship in Florida and I've missed her! It has been so fun having her around. This past week we just layed out by the pool in the beautiful sun. This is one of my favorite things to do and we got free food at the pool cabana and one day we got smoothies. We kind of had a routine down. We would lay out in the sun and read our books. Then we would go home and usually make food and watch FRIENDS. I watch that show like its no bodys business. Heather and i like all the same things so its great. We love to watch the Bachelorette on Mondays, and on Wednesday a good friend from work invited us to her familys house in Nephi and we had a BBQ , played volleyball and they had a slip and slide too. It was so much fun and it started raining and i told Dustin that before i die i wanna kiss someone in the rain and see if its as good as people say it is so he jokingly leaned in and i started laughing and then rejected his proposal. Hes such a great guy! Then the next day Heather and i met up with Christine and got cupcakes from Cocoa Bean and then we made a summer to do list and I'm so excited. Then i went to a bonfire the next night that had a ridiculous amount of food and last night after work i went to a friends house and watched Just Go With It. This summer is gonna be amazing, theres so much to do! I'm surprised at how well im balancing my work and fun schedule lately. I'm hoping that my attitude towards change will be different.

1. Get blackk
2. Kick my butt into shape...well better shape
3. Become better at attending the temple
4. make bankkk & not spend it. Save $$$ for school.
5. Go on a roadtrip, stay having fun
6. say yes when boys ask me on dates.
(heather gave me a rule that i can only say no to 3 boys this summer and have to say yes to everyone else and i already used one no so far...uhoh)

So bring on the sun, the rodeos, the carnivals, the festivals, the fireworks, the bonfires, the smores, the boys, the pool, the icecream cones, the inside jokes and the good times.

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