Thursday, June 23, 2011


So Monday night Rach, Heather and i went to the Santa Barbara apartments to play pong. Not your typical pong however because I do live in Utah. For any of my Maryland friends reading this, you are probably visualizing drunken chaos and alcohol. But thats what I love about Utah, it was completely different. We got there and the party was being held in the courtyard area and there were 4 or so different tables that people were playing at (with soda) and huge speakers blasting music. I have gone to a few pong nights before because they are held like once a week so i knew they were fun. A boy from my soccer team, Jordan always invites us. We kinda stood there waiting to recognize people but that wasnt really happening...however boys just started approaching us. Now Heather and I have been eachothers "wing man" for a while now so were way good at making the other one look good. The boys would come and go and none were really catching our attention. So there was the comedian i guess you could call him, i cant remember his name...however he was like ill show you guys how it was awkward( in ref. to his story about end of date hugs). Then he looked at me and was like do you trust me? I said yes although i dont know why i said that because i dont trust random boys i just meet, especially ones who are wearing fedoras. Anyway he leaned in and put his arms around me and tried to put his face next to mine. He was kinda bursting my personal bubble and ive realized i dont like people getting to close and my room mate Rachel yells my name. She comes over and said what is going on here?! Hahaha at this point I feel as though everyone is watching because he just keeps on going. I'm sorry i think we get the story you can stop now. Thank you. Then there were the boys who insulted us....this one boy was trying to be funny and said something and one of my room mates and i looked at eachother and said were gonna walk away now. And just left him there haha.We did meet a couple of cool guys who i could see us being friends with, but no long term potential for anyone, at least on my end. On a positive note we all gave our numbers out and ultimately had a good time! I love pong night.

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