Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i do what i pleases, be cool as autumn breezes

Sometimes its not what you need or want to hear but rather what someone needs to say. And Sometimes that John Mayer song is gonna be on repeat in your head until you say what you need to say. Sometimes you pull your charger out of the wall and get electrocuted. Yes, electrocuted. It was most definitely not my favorite feeling in the world...its not like i can say yes, i can cross this off my bucket list. No. And sometimes my arm STILL hurts. Sometimes i miss my babes and i love when i get to talk to him on the phone-this is my new favoritest picture of CJ. So handsome.
Sometimes your roomie comes into your work to eat and you think its funny to send both your managers over, telling them you think table 54 has a complaint but then the table just talks about how awesome you are but then you realize you should probably tell your managers you know them so they dont think you just send them to the table that will brag about you the most. cough tanner cough. Sometimes our attempt at pushups ends with us laughing hysterically and 50 turns to 20... Sometimes a story ends noncholantly with"...and then she pooped in her *underwear..."and sometimes when you arent expecting that you spit your drink out all over the table...and the floor...and the chair. You get the picture...
Sometimes you buy people water for the first time- bc you are a great person and it has nothing to do with jef....whatsoever...
Sometimes your room mates have a bonfire and instead of scary stories everyone decides to tell embarrassing stories. Sometimes you love it though, bc some boys really know how to tell a story. Sometimes the girls are getting smores sticks and one of the boys tries to scare everyone and sometimes we realize Kailyn would abandon all of us if lets say Bigfoot was about to attack us. That girl can run. Sometimes you really can not stop listening to Backstreet Boys and you feel as though you should be embarrassed, but you arent-youre loving it. Sometimes apt 114 is to blame for the burnt pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sitting in your trash can. Sometimes Hocus Pocus is really not that great of a movie but you watch it anyway, even as it gets weirder and weirder. Sometimes your room mate sends you a picture of rotten tomatoes that will forever be burnt in your retina. Sometimes the man who first drew the flapper girl made her "fun and awkward." Guess being awkward has always been cool. Sometimes your teacher is signing important dates in history and one of them was when MLKJ was born and you somehow get Jan 15, 1975..........uh. and whats even more embarrassing is you dont even realize thats not possible. And sometimes when you retell this story to your room mates they dont see whats wrong either. I promise that i actually really love and know my history -i just need to practice my dates a little more. Sometimes you send this picture to your brother and say "if you were a boy..." and then you wish you would have rethought that wording...And then sometimes you send it to your roomie asking "Do you think this will make _____fall in love with me or is it weird?" To which she responds "where are your feathers?" "KAILYN! this isnt a costume!" "oh." hahaha thanks...its okay if you agree with her, we can still be friends :)
Sometimes i am so worried about the fam and checking in with my mom only to hear they are living it up with chili, cards and lots of fun. COOOL. But then sometimes i am so sad to hear my favorite city is under water in most places. i loveee NYC. And sometimes i like to end with my favorite quotes as of late:
"all i can say is we will never be pregnant teens! we've made it!"

"you look terrible tonight."
"you should have said that to ____ tonight"
"you are scaring me tonight." singing
"how dare you butcher an Eric Clapton song"

"Julie, are you naked??"

"And i'm really sorry for calling you a tool, even if you have kissed 15 girls..."

"and then she assaulted me."
"oh my gosh, physically?"
"no...verbally, but its the same thing"

"Tell him you look good on his couch bc your hair blends in with them."
"what does that even mean..."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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