Thursday, October 25, 2012

boots & boobs

since my room mates are supa fly we decided to do a photo shoot.
oh and sorry about the inaprop name of this post- it goes along with the long list of other ones we thought of when we were trying to think of an album name...
*several awk names thrown out"
"awesome autumn!"...everyone " no"
"out of all the ones we've said, that gets vetoed, really?"

"jared make sure there are no light spots on us from the sun!"
"their arent."
"are you sure?"
please look at half our faces here...^
down by the utah lake AND kailyns farm
"can we take an awkward picture, i'm good at those
"what were the past 40 pictures..."
we have the best time always. I seriously think i got so lucky with my room mates. Thanks to Jared who put up with our laughing, screaming, awkward comments and "how do i look?" or "let me see" comments. But dont worry, we paid him--
some of us in hugs
some of us in kisses-
and some of us in...well-use your imagination....bahahaha jk shannon but hey, hes a happy camper!Thanks again :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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