Sunday, October 7, 2012

just say NO to caffeine

I dont drink soda. For more than one reason but when i'm at work and its easy access sometimes i just do. Yesterday was slow, so instead of a sip here or there, i decided it was acceptable to drink dr. pepper. I would estimate how much it was but i'm not good at that so lets just say it was a lot. Do you know what happens when you drink caffeine after oh a year or so?
I look back on last night with not such fond memories...
i mean i may or may not have thrown a teaspoon full of water on jared because he would not stop hitting me in the head or rather if you ask jared, a gallon bc all night he kept using descriptive words like **drenched or sopping or soaked**
bc sometimes when youre on caffeine you remember youve always wanted to throw water on someone and it seems like a good idea and after, you still think it was a good idea so maybe that wasnt the caffeine at all
i may or may not have insisted my room mate invite people over but when she calls a boy i may or may not have been in the background screaming "uninvite him! uninvite him!" at a decibal that my family members in Maryland may or may not have heard.
i may or may not have acted like finding the ward menu was like finding buried treasure
i may or may not have being running around in circles and not able to sit still
i may or may not have not made sense when i said 10 statements in a matter of 10 seconds and Heather goes "what did you just say??"
i may or may not have been acting without using judgement
i may or may not have thought a 17 year old was cute. #what??
i may or may not have distracted the roomies from doing hw
And after a couple hours of behavior like this i crashed in the middle of the floor.
No more caffeine ever bc if you drink it you'll look like this and have crazy eyes and lets be honest, no one wants crazy eyes.
you've been warned.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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