Monday, October 8, 2012

"Let's hang out?"

No, the answer to this is no.
Dear boys,
 Just a little piece of advice compiled from some friends:
-If you ask me on a date through a text, email, IM, friend, note or any other piece of technology the answer is gonna be no. Sorry. Don't casually bring it up through a text then call. Just call or ask in person. This always surprises me when boys are like "caitlin she didn't text me back...weird." oh really? I actually dont find this weird at all-maybe its bc you texted her after i told you not to? just a thought though...
-I'm sorry did you really just ask me to "hang out?" Let me just friendzone you right now amd save us both the trouble. I dont care if you look like Taylor Lautner- this is not a good idea. I understand sometimes boys are nervous and wanna get to know the girl first but a first date isnt a big deal- it doesnt mean you love her or want to date her exclusively. If she thinks that shes crazy anyway and you're sparing yourself
-please dont knuckle me, high five me, shake my hand or anything that makes me feel...
well kinda like i'm a dude-i'd rather you do nothing if these are my options
-dont bro me if you dont know me.
- dont text me everyday and ask if i would go on a date with you and when i say yes you never ask me....but continue to text me. whattt.
-dont check me out after you've already repulsed me by writing nice notes to yourself (3 to be exact) and by going on and on about how girls come onto you. I am so impressed right now *rolls eyes*
-dont tell me you played Kill, Date, Bang with my apartment and expect me to be like oh yeah! what were the results? Instead expect to hear- "i'm sorry how old are you?"
-don't tell me sexist jokes. I wont laugh except maybe at you bc you're gonna be single forevaa dude
-dont talk a big game. Oh i'm sorry-you are so awesome and so smart and so funny? Really? i hadnt noticed. No really, i hadnt. Maybe because you keep talking about it and not showing it. Matter of fact, maybe you should be on a date with yourself-let me leave right now. And leave i will.
-dont make me your therapist and tell me every sad and depressing thing about your life or have me solve all your problems.- not really gonna make me fall in love with you but rather direct you to the closest institution
-dont tell me how much you look at yourself in the mirror (boys have done this..) sorry i know you will always be more into yourself and your over the top gym addiction than me
-dont tell me you think you're into guys jokingly #foreverfriendzoned
- dont make me your servant at work just because i'm new and you think youre attractive and i will do it. I know how things work and i know you're a tool and i'm not falling for it...or you
-dont make fun of other dudes at church, or play on your phone or other distracting things.
-dont be overeager. There is a thing as too nice believe it or not-such as overcomplimenting or constantly saying things like "every guy would love to be with you."- well now i know that i have all control and this is no longer fun- sometimes i think i'm such a dude.
-dont wanna always talk about feelings or be a bigger girl than i am
-dont awkwardly side hug me or give me a bad hug in general
-dont say "i have something to say..." boy then says nothing. "shut up and tell me or why dont you shut up and shutup." (hahaha direct room mate quote)
you're welcome.
Love, me & some other girls.

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