Sunday, October 14, 2012

oh heather

In honor of the birthday girl:
Heather is my wing girl, my room mate, my family and my best friend.
Heather always talks in her sleep {loudly}, heather sometimes sleeps through her alarms {but dont worry i dont}, heather likes some music i dont, heather and i sometimes disagree on some really important issues {like the joe jonas/tay swift breakup}, heather cant focus when the t.v. is on AT ALL {esp if its that 70's show on} heather sometimes likes dumb boys even though i tell her they are dumb {jeep tool boy}heather takes the longest showers in the world and then theres no hot water{25-30 minute showers to be exact bc sometimes we time them...},heather will move her car two spots over if one opens up and shes inside bc its a better spot {two spots over makes no difference...}, heather refuses to throw away or waste food {consequently we have food from months prior in our fridge} but despite these very few things that make heather heather, she is one of my favoritest people in the entire world because these are ALL the things i love about her:

I love that Heather is the BEST wing girl in the world. We are both so good at spotting boys for eachother its unreal-sometimes i find myself looking for boys for heather before i look for myself or making sure whoever i like has a friend for heather and she does the same thing. Sometimes boys probably think i like them when i am interrogating them but its really for her benefit. I love when i like a boy and heather talks to him and friends him for me bc i am incapable...she has to do this a lot. I love that randomly Heather surprises me with cupcakes or brings me food from places she goes. I love that Heather trusts me enough to let me pick out her outfits and proofread, create or approve her important texts. I love that Heather makes to do lists and quote lists and now consequently i do too. I love that we can read eachothers minds. Haha i am not even joking- there have been times when i have been shocked that she knew what i  was thinking. Sometimes all it takes is for us to just look at eachother. I love that when i'm with Heather i'm sassier, funnier and that we play off eachother perfectly. We are so good at making eachother look good in front of boys. I love that we never like the same boys either. I love that heather introduced me to chicken salad sandwiches and whenever she wants to make us food its pasta roni. I love that when were sitting on the couch at night and i get up to go to our room heather anxiously asks "are you going to bed?" and i laugh and say no or when i say yes shes like"ah me too." You see we like to go to bed at the same times haha and sometimes i find myself doing the same thing. i love how creative heather is and how she can make a costume out of anything. I love that Heather sends me postcards from Florida. I love that heather is always writing me nice notes from "the ward hottie" or something along those lines. I love that when i really want to go get pumpkins, heather gets me one and leaves a note pretending its from this cute boy in the ward. I love that heather color coordinates her closet. I love that when i look in my seminary journal dated feb 15, 2008 when it says "friends that will bring you closer to God," Heathers name is right at the top. I love that when i am having the worst day and ask heather to come home early she does, without even asking why(and seeing heather before 7 is a shock). I love that when i miss FHE- she sends me a text telling me theres soup and a donut waiting for me at the apt.  love the funny and random texts i get from heather throughout the day such as this one "ps my shoe broke today and i just stapled it to fix it. I think this may be an alltime ghetto low for me...." or this one "stalin just turned into malcolm x" when i miss a part of sunday school to get my picture taken and heather fills me in on what happened. {this would probably be a lot funnier to you if you knew the context}. I love getting ready for church with Heather and listening to Sunday music. I love it when heather visits me at work! {she has visited me everywhere i've worked!} I love that when we talk about our first impressions Heather says i was putting on GC {was not} and Heather sprayed every window and door with bugspray. In my journal it says "Heather used 6 bottles of bugspray the 1st day." <----see heather! it must be true. Finally some proof. i love that we share a mutual obsession with the bachelor/bachelorette. i love that when heather tells me she misses her favorite wing girl i picture myself as an actual a chicken wing. i love that you like jersey shore but feel guilty for bringing you to the darkside. I love how supportive you are as a friend and i love your pep talks and i love when i like boys that i shouldnt and you still listen to me go on and on and on about them but dissaprove at the same time. i love when we talk in code about boys. i love that we know all the music the other one loves or doesnt love haha. i love that heather lets me dj in her car. i love that we both talk so fast and understand eachother even when everyones like wait what? i love that we are always introducing eachother to new music. i love that you are so nice to give me rides in cassidy jane and are always offering. i love when heather and i go on double dates and climb in a little crappy house thing...i love when we finish eachothers sentences. i love cyberstalking boys with heather...all the time. i love that heathers always down to have fun. I love that heather makes me apologize-jared probably loves that too. i love about a 1000 other things too. you're welcome for sparing you from our pre teen pictures...
Over the 10ish years we've been best friends we have made some of the best memories! We have also had some great times, like girls camp and some not so great girls camp. The whole it was the best of times and it was the worst of times is strangely fitting for those years-bc sometimes Heather and i are trouble makers and when the leaders go all cray and try to seperate Heather, Rach and I we dont like it and Heather ends up sleeping in our cabin which consequently almost gets her sent home but then they realize how wrong they were and right we were so they leave us alone. Moral of the story is we cant be seperated...or other times when we go to sunrise surprise but its not that great of a surprise and we all get in trouble...again. or my favorite- sometimes heather and i think mutual is boring and we dont really wanna stay so we get this cool plan. We decide to run away, yes, run away...i guess if you wanna get all technical its drive away but anyway we go a mile down the street and sit in this parking lot and jam to music and were feeling all bad A and cool until the leaders and our parents start blowing up our phone telling us to come back to the church building right now and then we have to go back and then sometimes the plan wasnt so cool anymore...but sometimes we have good times like kareoking at blue knob and laughing for literally 30 minutes at that cant be tamed music video when miley has a spaz attack. Or when we took forever learning the efy dance to "we like to party" or the hoedown throwdown. I could go on and on but then this post would never end. It is NEVER a dull moment when we are together. ever. Very few people have a friendship like ours and i love it.
Happy 22 21st birthday... again ;)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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