Friday, October 19, 2012


I am not a person who gets anxious or stressed- well except lately when after anything that happens i say "this is giving me the worst anxiety!" Recently i just saw the Dark Knight Rises at the dolla theater. I know i know- i cant believe it took me this long. Talk about anxiety

i have [real] anxiety...

when a gun is held to Joseph Gordon-Levitt pretty little head love youuu
whenever Bane appears on screen. SO BAD.
when Batman is looking like a cripple and Gothams salvation is at stake
because Gotham is REAL.
when the rich people are getting unfair hearings
that theaters arent safe
with violent scenes in general actually
when people have to walk across ice as a punishment
as i walk through the parking lot after the movie when i think that i will see that scary dog muzzle mouth thing
Hi, does this not scare you? because i think he is scarier to me than any monster, villian, or character from a scary movie. I dont know why he freaks me out so bad. Anyway the movie was AMAZING. def up there as one of my new favorites- i love it soo go see it :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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