Sunday, October 7, 2012

hey you, be happy

General Conference weekend is my favorite!!!
It just reminds me of the many blessings in my life. How can a person not be happy? Here's some things that made me happy lately

I am happy when i watch conference from the inside of our fort with my room mates
I am happy when our ward has a HUGE pre conference breakfast where i can eat fo freee
I am happy when i have my own section on a Friday night and make bank
I am happy when my manager tells me i am one of two servers in the running for the food runner contest and i did a great job. Impressing your managers is always good!
I am happy when my room mates bring me s'mores! Reeses s'mores to be exact!
I am happy when i make pot roast for the first time ever! without any help. along with glazed carrots and potatoes and i feel like i'm going to be a bomb wife.
I am happy when i get to sleep in as late as i want.
I am happy when Kallie tells me she'll cover my shift so i can go to the stake FHE
I am happy that i have the BEST managers anyone could possibly have! I am happy when Jason tells me we are best friends, when Seth fixes my check after i have my first mean table, when Tanner pulls me aside and tells me that I have the best attitude that he has ever seen and that I have the capacity to be one of the best servers and when Adam encouragingly smiles at my first attempt at a beet salad.
I am happy when the boy FINALLY tells me he wants to take me on a date.
I am happy when out of the corner of my eye i see a blue shirt at work and assume its a manager but it turns out to be my favorite person!! and then its obvious i'm happy when i throw- i mean throw my arms around him and hug him. Never have i been so happy with a surprise :D
I am happy when i go to the temple with my room mates and i am having a really bad day and then they surprise me with a cupcake!
I am happy when Jersey Shore comes back on t.v.
I am happy when Shannon comes home from a camping trip!
my general conference dinner! AH so proud :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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