Sunday, October 7, 2012

um it's caitlin

Sometimes your work makes you a nametag and spells it Caitlyn....<----my parents would never spell my name like this and they would not be happy. Sometimes two hot guys come into your section and they say "are you our server?"  and you are feeling underappreciated and ask if they would like someone else- maybe gavin? and they go "no thank you, you are much hotter." Well tell me how you really feel. Then you go on to find they are in their 30's and you stop flirting. Sometimes your roomie really hates fat people and your other roomie says "you're gonna go on a mission where there are a lot of fat people! Texas and you will learn to love them." And then sometimes it turns into a debate about whether or not Texas has a lot of fat people...Sometimes you and your roomies are doing late night shopping ay Macey's and you all realize you have a stalker and then you all start getting paranoid that everyone who glances at you is for sure stalking you too. "That guy in the line keeps staring at us too! We need to leave!""....I'm pretty sure he's in our stake presidency guys.." oh. Sometimes your table asks if you're from the South because you "totally look like it" and you think thats probably the best thing you've ever heard. Sometimes when I see a 3 legged dog i think about it for the next 3 weeks and I dont think anything makes me sadder. (still thinking about it!) Sometimes your boss is singing and you tell him he's a really good singer and then you pause and say "but i think you already know that" and he looks up at you and smiles and you realize maybe you can not talk to everyone like that...even though sometimes you know he likes your attitude bc, well he told you so. Sometimes the bus stops in front of baskin robbins and i have to literally will myself to stay in my seat and not get off. Sometimes a prayer ends in "and thank you for the cute boys in our ward and we hope they want to come to our fort." Sometimes I try not to corrupt my room mates with Jersey Shore but i'm obsessed with it so sorry...Sometimes I think the temple should not have cute workers because they are a distraction from the spirit-yes this is a public complaint. Sometimes you are so awkward its not even funny and your roomies are talking it up with some cute boys in the ward and being the best wing girls ever and you are faced forward and then sometiems you know you look dumb so you turn around to join in and the boy is looking right at you so you turn around real fast and well what happened to my voice. Sometimes i have nothing to say and this is well-shocking. Sometimes the things that come out of apt 220's mouthes are absolutely priceless:
"I feel like i'm a bootycall"
"what should i say if someone asks me why i'm up so late?"
"tell him you're playing with your dolls...and then he'll remember your age and stop texting you"

"so we're just gonna judge people by what cake they eat?"
"well you just judge people by how much cake they eat...whats the difference?"

"what boy would wanna date his sister?"
"Reggie King"

"When i'm married it'll be different...she'll make me a birthday cake. and then pop out of it"
"how big will the cake be?"
"depends on how big she is..."
"ooh i want someone to jump out of my birthday cake!"

"are we domestic or what??"
"why arent we wifed yet..."

"ohmygoodness you werent in my mouth!"

"you guys take everything wrong!"
"oh i'm sorry, when you said i hate fat people i thought you really did-must have been a miscommunication there-maybe i didn't understand that..."

"me hungy"
"talk like a mute person- i cant hear anything!"
"stop making dinosaur noises please"

xoxo CAIT xoxox

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