Monday, October 22, 2012

mi vida ahora

-this week marks the 5th week straight that i have gone to the temple & i plan to continue it for...well forever
-last Saturday night i made about $200- after tipout
-the 60 question test that i barely studied for i got back...and only missed 2. hellooo 97%
-kailyn and i have gotten up to go running AND read our scriptures before school & plan to make this a common thing since she hates fat people :) LOVE you K
-i finally manned up and made progress with boys the boy in the ward
how? i smiled at him instead of looking the other way when he looks at me.
-i owned my ASL midterm and got a 100% on my fingerspelling w/ my teacher signing wow at the end
- in a good way
-the track has officially been put up
-i have cute boys talking to me but i am being terrible at making time for them
-sometimes mike comes into ruby river and i spill water all down my shirt thus making it see through. yup
-i am FHE innactive bc i work Monday nights :/
-BDUBS is my favorite weekly event
-maybe 30 something year olds are to old for me...
-boys love my hair and compare it to a horse. uh thanks?
- i made strawberry bananna jello for the first time Sunday and it was a success.
-i got cute new sparkly flats for $12!
-one day i got on fb and everyone and their mother was engaged...oh wait that was today
-i am still awkward but now with just my thats good
-my money saving abilities are great even though there is a pair of steve maddens calling my name...
-i like to listen to taylor swifts new album and decide which boys shes talking about which has inspired heather and i to write a song about the boys in our ward. oh just wait we have some real songwriting talent
New fav right here:
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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