Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Ryans got me!"

I am all for roomie bonding- and we def do it ALL the time.
After the stake FHE Monday night we all agreed to go see House at the End of the Street. i LOVE scary movies and going to the movies in general. This scary movie was no dissapointment. We took blankets and popcorn {sneaky}. Besides a double date group below we had the theatre to ourselves.
I kinda felt bad because we are not a quiet group-ever and movies are no exception.
We screamed {i'm def a screamer}, yelled at the movie, added our own dialogue and other obnoxious things and since we didnt take boys-we cuddled :)
the only pictures we managed to get were feet ones because all my room mates insisted they were not up to par for anything above the knee...  and some of us even wore slippers...haha
Just some of our dialogue throughout the movie:
most dramatic scene in the movie- "wow her makeup looks great"
heather turns to stare at me.

"balding bill"

"he looks so sad i just wanna kiss him!"

"Look at him-i'd give him a glass of milk, how could you not?"

"hes SO hot, what does that tell you about hot boys?..."
"dont trust them! Only trust the ugly ones."

"you're a psycopath! but its okay, get on me"

"i didnt think he was hot initally but then he started kissing her and i was like danggg-turned on."
"nope to me he was scary the whole time"

Poor ryan now takes the blame for everything in our apt.
"Where are you?" "ryan has me! i'm locked in his basement" "ooh i'll let you two have fun"
"Ryan did it!"
"look its ryan" etc etc ETC
You can judge for yourself but i wouldnt mind seeing the movie again...for the fact that it was great and hes kind of adorable. GO SEE IT.

xoxo Cait xoxo

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