Friday, October 19, 2012


Sometimes its embarrassing when you confuse a Journey song for a not Journey song in front of your cute hipster boss. But sometimes if you ask him, he will say hes not a hipster. Sometimes i dont listen though and i call him a hipster anyway. And sometimes you LOVE Journey and you dont know how you dropped the ball on that one. Sometimes he asks you whose better "Nsync or Backstreet Boys?" and you automatically respond with Nsync and he responds with "ooh i'm totally judging you right now." and sometimes you cant wait to hear what comes out of his mouth next bc he is never boring. Sometimes you do laundry every other day [for work]and its the absolute worst because you despise laundry. But sometimes you never do any other laundry and then consequently take up 6 washers...whoops. Sometimes you get your best friend Kisstixx for her bday as incentive to get you icecream. Sometimes on a rainy day you sleep in til 12 and dont even feel bad. Sometimes this is a real life convo "ok you cant be all charming and then act all surprised when she likes you...""you think i'm charming?" with your boss. Oh but dont worry, sometimes it gets even better and you find yourself being your bosses wingman when you point out girls for him hahaha. Sometimes my attempts at matchmaking  have no limits. Sometimes a 4 hour Sunday nap is acceptable...right? Sometimes relief society turns into an episode of Oprah and you realize you cant handle all the feelings and "sharing" and you dont know what to do with yourself. Sometimes not even the fact that a Hemsworth brother is in Snow White can keep a person entertained. And sometimes i cant get over how good K Stew looks with black hair that i almost wanna be Snow White for Halloween-even though shes the lamest princess. Sometimes heather tells me the DC temple is shutting down for 2 years. and i realize i gotta stop being so picky and get wifed up so i can get married in that temple! Except my mom just said this isnt true so who knows. Sometimes a light goes out in your room so your rooms half dark and you are curious how your makeup will look in the morning...maybe a little like this
except with makeup...and hopefully i'll still have an eyebrow and no holes in my face...
Sometimes when youre kinda interested in a boy you try to set him up with other girls to prove you arent interested- makes sense right? Sometimes roomie photoshoots are the funniest thing ever and you would like to mandate that they must occur once a week. Sometimes you and your roomies realize how generous you all are in the temple when it comes to boys that you agree that every boy conversation should be held in the temple. "Caitlin you can totally have him!" hey sounds good to me. Sometimes when a room mate tells you a story about her and some boy while running, you almost run into like 4 things and continually tell her to shut up. Sometimes a trip to sizzler results in a whole week of meals for Heather and you realize that you dont mind taking one for the team so she can be happy. except sometimes it is not taking one for the team. Sometimes in sunday school the teacher asks what are some important things you have to do every day and while the rest of the class is saying things like this" read your scriptures, pray, etc" your room mate yells out "Floss!" and the whole class starts laughing. Sometimes a boy is over past curfew [dont judge us we forgot!] bc it is only 12:15 and some fun suckers knock on the door and say "um is there a boy in here, its past curfew" and you feel like you are 12 years old and sometimes byu approved housing has its downsides but you love it anyway. Sometimes you have some carolers... in October and they sing scream scary songs and make animal noises and face the other way and its very entertaining, yet kinda scary yet very in with the holiday. Sometimes when im j walking i invision myself getting arrested and then think of how embarrasing it would be to get arrested for j walking and actually have to tell people that...Sometimes i have multiple dreams in which my teeth fall out and now im really starting to panic. Teeth are a BIG deal. And then in the most recent dream Russel Brand tries to console me for losing my teeth my pulling out his fake teeth and showing me he lost his teeth too-uh sure Russel Brand, that makes me feel better...but then in the dream we bond a bit over our misfortune which is odd bc i am not a fan of his. and then i grab his hair and say-yours might just be better than mine....sometimes i worry about my subconscious state of mind. Sometimes your boss gets you addicted to this version of this song. SO GOOD. how cool is he?
Sometimes i could go on and on with a string of random thoughts of mine but i'm tired.
xoxo cait xoxo

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