Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Frenzy

My weekend this week started on Wednesday, how awesome is that? That's because I am on Fall Break and it is so nice. Most people know I'm a big To Do list maker so it only makes sense to have one for seasons, heres one i found online and its very close to mine:
I'm doing half of these this week :)
well besides the drink fancy coffee drinks, blehh
I'll take lots of pictures though and post about all the fun adventures on Sunday. But anyway, so i got distracted today [not surprising] and found all these beautiful Fall Foliage pictures and became obsessed. I then proceeded to save every. single. one. of them to my computer. I told my roomies today i hope my future hubbys pretty chill with me decorating because i will just put pictures of fall throughout our whole house, like pictures of boots too haha. Anyway I would love to live in the New England area someday, i'll for sure live on the East coast but i would just be so happy to live up there, especially during Fall, its unbelievably beautiful! I think Gods favorite season is Fall too, because he made it so perfect:
what am i going to do once Fall is gone...

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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