Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top 10

Caramel Apples
And not even because I'm a huge caramel apple person...
but apples just remind me of fall like apple picking,
something i really wanna do!!
i love these rather than huge apples dipped in caramel, I personally dont bite into apples [prob weird to you] i ALWAYS hold them and cut pieces off as i go [something i got from my daddy] but this is so cute and great for parties and its just so fall. I personally dont even like apple pie or mose apple desserts but i do enjoy the occasional caramel apple.  
Fall Crafts
these are so cute and easy. I love fall decorations with leaves, pumpkins, hay, burlap, whatever it may be.
Technically we arent allowed to light candles in our apartment, yeah okay, but these would even be cute for decoration and not to light. But instead of just getting a plain candle, a vanilla one would be really yummy
and still be white plus with all the different colors and shapes for leaves the possibilities are endless.

the Fall recipes
Holidays are associated with the amazing food that goes with them, at least in my family...
Fall hits all the best holidays so maybe thats why it correlates with food in my book.
how cute is this umbrella? I love plaid, especially plaid in fall colors. I would love an umbrella like this!
I would carry it around even when it wasnt raining. Plaid shirts, fabrics, everything.

I love abercrombie coats, vests and hoodies.
Besides the fact that they are so flippin expensive unless you buy them after the season when they are on sale. How cute is this though?

Pumpkin patches are so much fun because not only do you get to pick your own pumpkin,
but the good ones have hay rides, corn maizes and apple cider.
You hit the Fall jackpot
Haunted Houses
I got an email from the travel channel the other day with a list of some of the best haunted houses in the United States and I wish I could go to all of them! That would be so fun, however as long as i get to go to some i'm good...for now
the View
this is the one that i get to see! the colorful mountains are amazing.
The leaves, the trees and the colors are just spectacular. i love it.


AMC Fearfest
I hope this picture doesnt give you nightmares
cough meghan cough.
Channel 56 has become my go to channel.
The reasoning because it just shows horror movies 24/7. I love being scared.
It really puts me in the Halloween spirit. Its one of those things that you only get to see around Halloween.
Last year my roomies and I watched all the Jason movies and then our power went out,
so fun and so scary. check it out, if you arent too scared
Ok you knew this was gonna be my number one. come on now.
Urbanog and gojane have some really cute and cheap ones.
i love those sites.

xoxo Cait xoxo

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