Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lust List

Fall Finds that I love/want/need:
both the same brand and style just gold and rose gold.
i cant decide between this color, red or black. HELP
i really want these because i'd wear them in the snow too
and then i could wear cute boot warmers like above or below
i have never loved a pair of socks more
I am in search of tights and socks that come out of boots so i can do this:
this outfit, wanna recreate it
1st off whoever she is, shes gorgeous
i used to wear fake glasses until enowah lost mine at a dance but never ones as thick as this.
Think i could pull em off? I may get some. They have em at Forever 21, just FYI
I love these oxfords from delias esp since their steve madden
these are from delias too! ahh
so in love with her outfit, i really really want a bag like that
look how bad footloose is rubbing off on me i want some red cowgirl boots but i really really love these brown ones
NEED from urbanog in this and taupe, actually i want every pair of boots from there
Love blazers
and these booties too
I just love FASHION.
~Just wanted to share some of my favorites for Fall~
xoxo Cait xoxo

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