Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mouth Watering Monday

well its actually tuesday...
but since i started this post yesterday and mouth watering monday sounds a lot better
than mouth watering tuesday [the whole alliteration thing...] its gonna stay

I am on the biggest baking & cooking kick ever.
THIS RECIPE is in high demand, i've had a couple people ask me to post it, so here it is,
i made it last night and its absolutely amazing. My roomie Hayley and i decided to make it [so we could give some to the girls we VT] and all of our roomies loved it.
First off, let me say it is SO easy to make. SO SO SO easy.
A couple of tips for it though for the topping it calls for 1 cup of butter, instead do 1/2 cup.
It's just the right amount and a little better for you! Key word being little and its supposed to make 28-32 minutes, instead take it out a little earlier. Yum :)

if cinnamon roll cake isnt your thing you better hope pumpkin is! If my Sweet Dreams Bakery doesnt work out I should open one called
All Things Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pie French Toast
^ i think i'm making these for Sunday breakfast!
Pumpkin Pie Sheet Cake

Here are some other pumpkin recipes i've previously posted, in case you missed them! oh and this one has a Pumpkin Donut recipe!
Happy Baking

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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