Saturday, October 29, 2011


Congratulations on the engagement!!
I am so excited that I was apart of this special day for you two,
I had so much fun with the scavenger hunt & the pictures.
First let me start off by saying Jeff is my cousin, and we were pretty close growing up
with the whole Nelson family since they lived with us while their house was getting built and they
live within 1.5 hours of us so we saw them quite a bit, but i was
still so surprised & EXCITED to be involved.
Wednesday Jeff texted me asking if i wanted to be involved and i jumped at the opportunity!
He told me that he was doing a scavenger hunt for her and she would be stopping by my apt
and i would just give her a rose and a sealed envelope with the next destination.
Funny thing is Jeff stopped by to drop it off and when Laura and her sister came in,
he was hiding in our pantry and heard everything they said.
I loved her, shes adorable & they are so cute together.
Then Jeff and I headed off to a neighborhood to write out a little riddle for her:
(I drew the terrible waterfall at the top...)
Next stop, Bridal Veil Falls
Now off to Vivian Park-
(These werent all the places, Jeff had done most of the work earlier, so much in fact that the whole scavenger hunt took Laura about 3 hours!) We had a lot of time to kill so Jeff was a good sport and let me take some pictures, so heres some of my favorites, to view the rest look at my FB:

"Jeff are you nervous?"
"hahaha knowing shes gonna say yes makes it a little easier"
Jeff" Are they walking here?"
"hahaha yeah its taking forever!"
"Do you think shes gonna run to you?"
Jeff-" I think shes gonna tackle me"
I'd say he was pretty accurate, i have a clip of it i'm working on
Oh, & she said YES :)
Congratulations you two & welcome to the family Laura

xoxo CAIT xoxo


  1. Cait....these pictures are so good. Sounds like he did good!

  2. FUN!!! they will love having their pictures of the event! good job girl!

  3. What a cute idea! And the pictures are wonderful!

    Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired