Monday, October 24, 2011

What? No desserts...

I know, crazy right.
Dessert is the best, when you're out on your own sometimes you find yourself eating that before dinner. I am always making treats, but i think its important to start learning how to cook REAL food too.
When I told my roomie Amelia about this recipe she goes, "oh kinda like on Elf with the worlds best cup of coffee?" Hahaha what? no. Mac & Cheese has always been a family favorite. I always like to tweak it. With mine i put half the cheese packet & half of the three types of shredded cheese mix [or however much you want] and its so goodddd & way cheesy but everytime I look at this recipe I die a little. Those noodles are some of my favorite. The one reason holding me back is I dont have half of the ingredients nor the money to buy them but soon! If anyone makes this before me I would LOVE to know how it turns out & maybe even a sample? :)
Are there people who dont like barbeque? Besides vegetarians...
Well i love it, but i mean we cant go out to eat at Famous Daves or Sonnys all the time so its good
to have some recipes for some at home BBQ cookin too.
These would go great as a side to pretty much any & every meal. Texas Roadhouse rolls are my favorite.
They are pretty much the reason most people go there, oh and the fact that their food is amazing.
I dont know..have you tried Great China? Or Peking House? [i think thats the name of my favorite takeout place in MD, i just call it chinese food]. I love chinese food. When I was in a bad mood and I was told we were having chinese, voila, automatic good mood! I love chinese, especially orange chicken, its the best. The only thing wrong with this recipe is again, a lot of ingredients, however, you have to remember the first time is a pain, but once you have the ingredients its easy to make it the next time. Thats what im realizing at least about ingredients for baking.
Chicken Piccata

You gotta start somewhere!
xoxo Cait xoxo

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