Monday, October 24, 2011

ahh i like

Button Bobbys
How easy is this?
Grab a bunch of buttons and some bobby pins and a hot glue gun and voila!
You could even add ribbon to make them even cuter
Homemade Chapstick
A fabulous pinterest find, melt one cup of petrolium jelly in the microwave and then stir in one packet of koolaid. Pour into container and let sit. SO creative. The one cup is necessary if you wanna make a ton though, like give them out for party gifts. Whatever works!
However if you arent feeling homemade chapstick, why not just buy it?
All things that smell good
I read first hand reviews on these and they apparently smell amazing [unless those people were paid off...]
and i am just dying to smell the pumpkin cheesecake! they also have other holiday ones like candy corn, gingerbread and more. Along with fruiter ones like strawberry banana. I want everything from the scentsies, to the roll on perfumes. Everythings not too pricey either. These would make way cute stocking stuffers!
OWL Nails!
Ah i would absolutely love someone to paint my nails like these. They are so cute. If youre an artist they wouldnt be hard to replicate although i'm no picasso and i think i could figure these out but not on my own nails that would be a little difficult. Someone else could have cute nails though...
I love this fabric, it would be perfect for flowers for headbands or a blanket.
Just use your imagination with this one!
Blueberry Oatmeal Supershake
I'm not one of those people who every really gets tired of cereal for breakfast
but just in case I do...theres this recipe.
It looks so good! Probably because I love all the ingredients seperately, so im sure I'll love them all together.
This blog has the cutest party ideas EVER.
With tutorials on how to do things for them and its so creative.
I love banners! They are all over the place right now. I cant wait to use them for absolutely everything.
This one is so cute, i was thinking maybe for my 21st birthday?!
A zebra theme would be so cute!
Oh and a little Fall humor, just because...

xoxo Cait xoxo

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