Friday, October 14, 2011

I love visitors

along with my parents & staying in hotels.
Therefore this past weekend was amazing! Mom and Dad FINALLY made it out here to come visit me and it was so much fun. They arrived on Thursday and enjoyed touring Provo. I showed them my apt and all around Raintree. We also went to University mall so mom could look at all the cute Utah fashion. Then we went out to dinner at of course Texas Roadhouse. They even bought me the movie Casper because ever since i saw it on the countdown to Halloween on ABC i have been dying to watch it. I hadnt seen it in over 10 years so mom and i stayed up watching it while dad fell asleep (the flight was to much for him).
The next day we got up early and went to class because i still
had a lovely quiz to take so mom and dad sat while i took my quiz super fast and then i took
them on a quick tour around campus and they went into the bookstore while dad bought a uvu hat and mom bought a uvu sticker for her car. Hahaha oh parents...
I do wish I would have gotten a picture with dad wearing his UVU hat because
he loved that hat and he was so funny about it.
Then since the weather finally decided to cooperate for a bit we headed to Bridal Veil Falls.
I then walked around to see it up close and saw the prettiest spot for some pictures. I already do that photographer thing where i look for locations and can see ideas for shoots and stuff so i made mom and dad come over and take some pictures. Dad was not very cooperative in dipping mom and doing all the cute poses but he did well enough. I told him i needed some good ones to start a portfolio and eventually be a "real" photographer (after i get a super nice camera of course!! reallyyy want one). Then we headed up to Sundance and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. Wow for those of you who havent been to Sundance in the Fall it is amazing. We wandered into the little shops and things and we played whoever can spot Robert Redford first wins! It was so nice and we got cute little postcards from there since everything was crazy expensive.
Then the weather started to get bad again (shocker) which made me so mad since it was beautiful right up until my parents came and i wanted us to go to Thanksgiving Point since our family is big on hay rides and pumpkin patches this time of year but nooo, mother nature didnt want to cooperate either. So then we went to dinner and the embarrassing story 2 posts ago takes place and then we got yogurt land since i was dying for my parents to try it! They even had a new pumpkin flavor and it was so good. L O V E.
okay how cute are they?!
The next morning, we got up real early and went to Spring City and saw our close family friends the Mickels. Brother Mickel converted my dad and they have stayed in close contact ever since. They have even visited my family in MD. We all are basically family. I even stay with them on Thanksgiving (well now that im out here) and i love all their kids and even extended family too! Dad and Dan went out and my mom and I got to play with Mrs. Shannon. That night they took us out to dinner at a mexican place and dad even let me drive the rental car! Gasp, i know right. My parents know how much i love driving though. The next morning we got up real early and went to church with them. They had one of the smallest churches ever!! It was so old and there was an upper level that overlooked the small chapel, it was so unique and looked historical. After we ate we visited the beautiful Manti temple and then finally headed back to Provo. Then dad let me drive all the way home too.
On our last morning, mom and dad took me out to breakfast at kneaders! They have the best french toast in the entire world. The parents loved it. Then they took me out to get groceries which was so sweet of them. Back at the apartment, dad even insisted on changing out a few lightbulbs which was so nice since none of my room mates would have done it haha...Then they took me to campus and dropped me off while they wandered to take a few pictures before heading back to the airport. Our goodbyes were said in the middle of the hallway at UVU which made it quick and easy. I could barely even hug them because I was already starting to get upset and I had a whole day of classes to get through. I wonder when goodbyes will get easier, i've been doing them a ton lately...
I was so spoiled having them around and i loved every second of showing them my new life and they got to meet really important people to me.
 I'm so blessed that i have parents like them. It was such a great visit, short but great.

On a positive note, they loved it so much they already wanna come back in February!
Which is great because we still have to eat at Spaghetti Factory & you have to meet my other friends.
But this time lets stay in Park City ;)
Love you both

xoxo Cait xoxo

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