Friday, October 14, 2011

Lets get creative

So this week i had tons of fun crafts planned, however life got in the way. You know how that goes right...but i have managed to do a few things with very little time and the rest are some of the fun things i have planned for this weekend. Its fun to take time out for yourself to be a little creative. These are some of my favorite ideas:

Yummy pumpkin body scrub
I love bath products, i just hate buying them. Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite places. I'll just walk in and smell everything, spray some things, try some lotions then wander out because i dont really have money to spend there. Well i guess i could but theres better things to spend $$$ on. Most of these ingredients you'll probably have in your kitchen which is very convenient. Many places around here sell those mini mason jars and the scrub in these jars will make perfect gifts! To make it my own i would use some fall colored ribbon to seal it and attach a leaf as a tag! This weekend ill be making my own so i'll show you what mine looks like! I'm super excited.
Chocolate covered pretzels
Every Christmas I can guarantee you that the Leary ladies will make chocolate covered pretzels. They are my absoute favorite, however i never even thought to make them for Halloween/Fall! I'm making these tomorrow for the girls i visit teach, but with our own recipe. Typically for our choc. covered pretzels, we buy the long, thick pretzel sticks and break them in half, although you can keep them whole if youd like. Then we dip the end in melted chocolate! For the halloween ones use white chocolate and food coloring but for Christmas we just used milk chocolate. Then you roll them in holiday sprinkles (pertaining to the right holiday of course) and my mom always uses heath bars too. The heath bars give it a little something extra. They are so good. Then wrap them up all cute like above and youre done!

Infinity scarf
Hello, i am addicted to scarves. If you have seen my closet you would know this. I went through a period where i had to buy any and every scarf i saw. Luckily i got them for great deals, so it was okay. (see how i rationalize this like its okay?!) This will be a craft I cant do though because i dont have a sewing machine! I think I'm gonna ask my mom to make me one for Christmas! My mother and grandmother are both AMAZING seamstresses- my mom made all of our trek dresses and lots of cute dresses growing up while my grandmother sewed fabulous quilts for all her grandchildren. I really hope this runs in the family because as of now the extent of my sewing abilities has been a pair of pajama bottoms...I'm gonna take a sewing class next semester though i think! And if i get good at it I wanna get a sewing machine! Then i could sew clothes, curtains..oh the possibilities...However if you're lazy or dont have a sewing machine like me then Forever 21 has really really cheap scarves online that are so cute! Just FYI
Hair Hype
^my own creation! and my future creations below
I love headbands, clips, bows, ribbon and flowers for hair accessories. When i found out I was
having a niece i made tons of headbands! And put together flowers and butterflys on headbands for cass. Well she's outgrown them or lost them so its time for some new ones, which is good because i need some more practice for when i have little girls! I will make 100's of them...the one above is just two different types of ribbons folded in to make little loops and then i hot glue gunned a button in the center. So easy yet so cute. I love glue guns! They are the msot useful things ever. My mom just bought me a lime green one and i love it. Here are some headbands I cant wait to make for cass or just learn to do the cool flowers so i can make different head pieces! The second one is such a Utah headband, and i love it. There are so many different types of headbands you could put together, the ideas are endless. I am alwaysss looking for cute new ideas, so if you have any feel free to share!

Cute Card
I'm working on making a copy of this card for some of my missionaries! Of course mine is gonna be way girlier but i love this idea. Its adorable.

Pumpkin Donuts
Oh. my. goodness. Pumpkin and donuts together? It must be amazing
xoxo Cait xoxo

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